Sunday, go away!



Sundays are the unluckiest of days. They are squeezed in between Saturday (party day, being-with-family day, carefree day) and Monday (the absolute worst, the day when you have to deal with tons of emails with unreasonably urgent requests).

I said that Mondays are the worst, but at least, we know what to expect on Mondays. But Sundays? They are not always the same, but they are consistently miserable. If you are anything like me, you probably spend your Sundays hangover, trying to replenish sleep (having spent both Friday and Saturday evenings out, dealing with London queues) or having bad thoughts (because of the many, many hours of free time and the lack of prospect of going out in the evening). I spend most of my Sunday mornings thinking about why I broke up with this awesome person, why did I not give another chance to this sweet guy, why does this guy not love me like I love him and blah blah drama blah blah.

Add to this the thought of having to wake up at 07.15 on Monday morning and suffer the long commute to my workplace and Sundays become hell.

I have decided to wipe off the bad history and reputation of Sundays and start afresh. I am moving to a new place next weekend and I have plenty of things to explore; the area, the people and of course, my house. I want to start being productive, because doing things reduces the possibilities of having bad thoughts or depression. Ideas include:

  1. volunteering in the local area: Good opportunity to become familiar with area and the people and contribute/feel useful.
  2. going to the gym: I know, gym is boring, blah blah. But in my case, the alternative is to sit on my bed and feast upon junk food all day. Gym is good for your health and your body and it is proved that it boosts your mood too. ( I am trying to convince myself here, bear with me ! )
  3. DIY: I have always thought of myself as clumsy and not exactly graceful, but with Internet abounding with DIY projects it would be a shame not to try my hand at this.
  4. Yoga: While my body is trying to convince me that my downward facing dog might be somewhat overzealous and painful for my bones, I am persistent. I bought my own yoga mat (£7.99 from TK Maxx, great deal, I am not making money out of promoting them!) so why not practice my adho mukha shvanasana in my own place?

A piece of advice to my fellow readers (if you are there):

  1. Do not let Sunday fly away. Do something that fulfils you, and actively try to find it.
  2. Do not think about work. Later in life you will regret the hours you spent worrying and not cherishing life.
  3. Read this blog and be inspired. Life is not easy, I know: I am a foreigner in the UK, away from many of my loved ones. But you have it in your hands, so shape it the way you want!

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  1. M. L. Kappa says:

    Hi, Eva! Thanks for the follow, and good luck with your blog. Pleased to meet you, Marina


    1. Thank you, I’ll be keeping an eye on your blog posts, I miss Greece!
      Likewise, Eva. x

      Liked by 1 person

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