So we beat on, boats against the current…Sunday swimming!

You got it, sister.

Sundays are for staring out of the window, contemplating how much work needs to be done on Monday. Or maybe not. Sundays are dedicated to working on the wellbeing of the body and the soul.

Growing up in Greece meant I went on a beach holiday every summer. The sea has somehow become sort of a natural habitat to me – Swimming calms me down, and brings some wonderful memories to mind – so I am trying to replicate this experience in London. Of course, going to the beach here is almost impossible – the weather is rarely warm enough for a comfortable swim that does not put your heart at risk, and London is relatively far from any beautiful beaches. Not to worry – pool swimming is very close to the real experience!

I am very lucky to have a good leisure centre in my neighbourhood – leisure centre is very close to what we’d call a gym, but sounds way more fancy and fun. Tooting Leisure Centre is about a 5 minute walk to my new place, and has a good-sized swimming pool with varied depths to suit people of all shapes and sizes and of course, abilities. It is split into lanes, which facilitates people who are serious about their swimming and allows for swimming lessons to occur without disruption by the general public.

I, of course, went for the slow lane – that is, the lane mostly used by people who are not swimming like they are training for the next Olympic Games. The water was warm and I did not, for one moment, feel cold.


  1. Enough space for everyone, no annoying people pestering you, not overcrowded.
  2. Good shower and changing rooms facilities, as well as a dryer for the miserably wet long hair…
  3. Padlocks, goggles and other (semi)essentials are up for grabs. 
  4. An actual lifeguard! This might be normal for British people, but Greek beaches often lack an actual lifeguard…
  5. Clean water. I do not know if the water was actually clean, but it felt clean.


  1. I cannot think of any legitimate negatives.. maybe the lack of a health cafe? They seem to be very popular in London.

I feel very energised and relaxed after a swim in the pool. I am thinking of going there for a swim every Sunday and maybe start some yoga classes. At the same time, I sent through an application to volunteer for a charity shop but we’ll have to wait until 12/9 to hear back..Bugger!

As for the benefits of physical activity (this does NOT mean the equivalent of training for the Olympic Games) for our mental health, please read this. To fight depression, negative feelings and stress, use your body. Rely on your body and let it fight back.



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