Cambridge Sunday & Pure Bliss

Here I am, after disappearing for two weeks.

Two weeks of dating, swimming, working, impulse shopping and reading.

This Sunday was spent lazily in Cambridge, as was Saturday. On those cobblestoned streets, among those cute gift/art shops with quirky pieces of art and useless home accessories, I figured out some very handy sources of pure bliss:

  1. Food, especially when it’s got so many calories it can keep you going for days.


  2.  being with friends you can effortlessly be yourself with. Friends who know your insecurities and help you laugh at them, and friends who can enjoy good food with you.
  3. gift shops. In fact, their abundance in Cambridge filled me with the urge to open one myself; help budding artists showcase their work, sell quirky, strange, cute stuff that I would buy myself and just always being on the hunt for good art. Of course, I am pretty sure that a gift shop is more work than that.
  4. movies that do not require a lot of thinking. It is Saturday evening, after a stressful week, and Pirates of the Caribbean are on Amazon Instant Video. Give me a bit of good ole Jack Sparrow with a dash of Orlando Bloom, yes, please, thank you.
  5. last but not least, SLEEP. A lot of people in London do not appreciate sleep enough; in fact, they treat sleep as a temporary, unwanted but necessary respite from their very important job. No. Good and sufficient sleep boosts your mental health and helps you be more productive.

What did you all get up to this morning? Give me your reports!


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