Countryside Sundays

After the initial nervousness and awkwardness of the long-distance relationship wore off, all I’m left with is wonderful memories and effortless moments. I very regularly visit the city of Leeds to see the special K but also get a (quite pricey, I must say) detox from London (there’s no only so much time you can bear to spend on the tube without going nuts).

Last Sunday was countryside Sunday. The sun was glorious, a few clouds strolled along but a cloudless sky is very rare and indeed, suspicious, so it’s all fine. Me and Kieran, we jumped into his grey Toyota Corolla and took to the (country) roads with Malham Cove as our final destination.

For those who don’t know what Malham Cove is, read on:

“The 70 metre (230ft) high, gently curving cliff of white limestone has amazed visitors for centuries. Formed along the line of the Middle Craven Fault, it has been eroded backwards from the line of the fault by the action of water and ice over millions of years.”

It’s quite impressive and it was exactly how Percy Shelley described Mont Blanc: ‘sublime’. The visitor stands in awe of the glorious work of nature, which has been tirelessly working on its masterpieces for centuries.

A few minutes away from the Cove, where we parked the car, are some local, cozy, proper traditional pubs (no Wetherspoons here!) with lovely English food (although I had a Greek pastry, so a bit of gourmet is to be expected). Perfect for lunching after jumping your way through boulders (I might be exaggerating here).

The walk up the Cove is lovely, with a stream flowing right on front of it, and cows grazing (and posing for Instagram? cheeky!). Surprisingly, the patches of grass didn’t trigger my hayfever, and for the first time in my life I am grateful of the way my body works.

The walk up the Cove is relatively smooth, with a few dodgy boulders to practice your jumping skills on. Up on the Cove, moving around the surface can be a little risky, as the gaps between boulders widen and the chances of getting your foot stuck between two mean-looking rocks are quite high. No, i’m only exaggerating for the sake of humour, it really isn’t that bad.

Turns out (surprise surprise) that I was wearing the wrong shoes. I was fully aware that my low-heeled boots weren’t perfect for bouldering, but I only brought a backpack so my space was limited. I had to make do with boots, while everyone else was comfortably practicing jumping / bouldering skills in their trainers. Never mind, I was born to stand out, right?

The view from the top is hugely rewarding. The vastness and the sublime beauty of Yorkshire countryside is practically at your feet. Combine this with a glorious sunny day and you have a good life, better than the one most people live. London, take note.

Cheekily passing off my boyfriend’s photo as my own. Now you know the truth. His phone takes better pictures, so his role was allocated.

The rest of the day was wonderful too. We stopped by Haworth, where the Bronte sisters were from, and whose people will never let you forget that, with the Bronte theme being popular among shop owners. I fell in love with its beautiful cobblestone streets, the vintage/cute shops and cafes and this feeling of being in a place untouched by time and still in touch with its tradition & roots. A proper English village.

I know you’re expecting more of me, after the overwhelming declaration of love for the cobblestone streets, but it was near the end of the day and light was scarce. Nevertheless, lovely.
I take photos of bookshops, because BOOKS. No other explanation needed.

My message for you all London / city people; get out of the urban jungle once in a while, breathe in some fresh air, trigger your allergies (if you’re like me) & let your body take in nature (not too much, you might develop an allergy to your city’s public transport afterwards).


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