A little about me:

I am Eva, 24, originally from Greece and UK/London citizen for the past 2 years! I work in export sales for a major London-based publishing house and I enjoy reading, blogging and yoga. When I close my eyes, I can see the sea. I am pro-equality, a feminist, a supporter of the London Living Wage and a major apricot eater.

I eat a lot, even though people refuse to believe me.

And this blog:

This blog is for all of us lazy Sunday people who want to beat the blues and do something productive! You do not need to be a DIY whizz or a maths genius; what we’re looking for is things that will fulfil us and make us feel…good!

I occasionally post my poems and personal writings. Writing is also a favourite Sunday activity for me as the ample time offers me the chance to dig into myself and find inspiration.

Is it monetised?

No, it is not! I do not make money out of this blog, and I have a day job.